日本が生んだ史上最高のエンターテイナー”yep”山本による、アコースティックな楽曲のみで構成された2枚目のオリジナルアルバム。前作”BIG WAVE TO THE WORLD”の派手なアレンジとは180°違うVocal, Guitar, Bassのみ、Piano&Vocalのみなど、原点に戻ってより歌の部分に耳を傾けていただこうと極めてシンプルな編成で制作に挑んだ意欲作である。また今作では、ラピュシカなどで活動、Y.E.P.のサポートギタリストも務める河部 翔による4曲の楽曲提供がなされており、山本本人が作るのとはまた違った新しい世界観が繰り広げられている。
This is a second album created by "yep", the greatest entertainer ever born in Japan, including only acoustic songs. 
It is really opposite to the loud arrangement of the previous work "BIG WAVE TO THE WORLD" so that you can listen more carefully to the sound of his vocal, which is the origin of his. 
It is an ambitious work that challenges production with a simple organization, such as Vocal, Guitar, Bass only, Piano & Vocal etc...
In addition, in this work, there are 4 songs provided by Sho Kawabe who played in Lapyusica, 4 piece rock band, and is also a support guitarist for Y. E. P. 
You can see the new world different from what "yep" himself is making.
Band Members:
All Vocals, Bluesharp and Synthesizer Programings: Yu Yamamoto(yep)
A.Piano:Sae Kawaguchi(Ibe Caller)
A.Guitar:Sho Kawabe
Bass:Hideyuki Miyasako
Recorded at Studio8Ashiya
Mixed and Mastered by Masakazu Kinoshita&Yu Yamamoto
Jacket design:Minsoo Yang, "Hide" Yamamoto
Produced by Yamamoto Entertainment Project
Songs List;
If you click the name of songs, the pages of their details, such as lyrics, will open.

Vocals: yep Guitars:Sho ​​Bass:Miya ​ Music:Sho&yep ​Lyric:yep

​Vocal:yep A.Piano Arrangement:Sae

Vocals:yep Guitars:Sho Bass:Miya ​ Music:Sho&yep ​Lyric:yep

Vocals and Synthesizer Programings:yep A.Piano:Sae Bass:Miya

​Vocals and Synthesizer Programings:yep

Vocal and Synthesizer Programings:yep A.Piano Arrangement:Sae

Vocals:yep A.Piano Arrangement:Sae​ Bass:Miya

​Vocals:yep A.Piano Arrangement:Sae

Vocals:yep Guitars:Sho Bass:Miya ​ Music:Sho&yep ​Lyric:yep

Vocals:yep A.Guitars:Sho Bass:Miya ​ Music:Sho&yep ​Lyric:yep

Vocals:yep ​Guitars:Sho

14.Second Chance

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